Is A Tumor Associated With HIV-Infected Men?

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Is A Tumor Associated With HIV-Infected Men?

The question of “Is a tumor associated with HIV-infected men true?” often arises when an infected person is found to have a tumor. Such a condition is called “HIV-associated nephroma”. This is a potentially life-threatening condition, which needs to be monitored by a specialist, and not ignored, or allowed to worsen.

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It is generally not known how HIV causes such cancers, though it is believed that HIV may trigger a reaction in the immune system, resulting in increased production of a substance called interferon, which helps fight off the cancer cells. Some studies show that HIV may also cause genetic changes in cells that control hair growth. However, these studies are inconclusive, and researchers continue to study this possibility. It is also not clear how the tumors develop. Most of them may start as a small polyp (if it grows big enough), but some of them may also start as a tumor.

Sometimes, a tumor starts out like a normal mole. A tumor is more dangerous because cancer cells usually spread faster than normal cells. When a tumor is present, it is easier for it to grow rapidly and move to other parts of the body, perhaps to the bone or to vital organs. In fact, some types of tumors may actually spread to vital organs before they are treated. If the tumor spreads rapidly to the bone or to another part of the body, it may cause difficulty breathing or movement of extremities.

A tumor in this area of the body may also be linked to opportunistic infections, especially if the infection has not been treated and the tumor has grown relatively large. This kind of infection may produce changes in the cells that line the pores of the skin. When these changes occur, the tumor may become infected. As is well known, some opportunistic infections may also produce symptoms that are similar to those of HIV.

A tumor in this area of the body may also affect the immune system. This can lead to complications during the HIV therapy. When the tumor interferes with the process of producing hormones, the person’s quality of life may also be negatively affected. For women, the risks of thrombocytopenia (chest pain caused by the absence of blood cells in the blood) increase dramatically.

Unfortunately, there are many cases in which AIDS develops when an individual begins to have sex with an HIV infected person. It is important that partners of HIV-infected men to ensure that they practice proper protection. They should also be aware of the risk of acquiring the virus through non-sexual methods, such as needle sharing. Safe sex can significantly reduce the risks of getting STDs.

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